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Aircraft attitude measuring and indicating instruments

"Aircraft attitude information" actually consists of Pitch & Bank information which, in conventional airplane panels, is provided by an artificial horizon unit.
Artificial horizon units are powered either by electricity or pneumatically (by a vacuum source). Vacuum sources come in two main

flavors: either one or more vacuum pumps are bolted to the engine or a venturi is mounted on the outside of the fuselage. After I started to look for an electrical artificial horizon unit, I was stunned by the fact that any such unit worth its salt is pretty expensive indeed. So expensive in fact, that I started to think about spending just a little bit more and end up with an EFIS. Checking out EFIS units I learned that it is not difficult to spend more money on these than my entire IBIS will set me back....

Dynon EFIS

What about a Dynon D10 then? That unit is not too expenisive, isn't it? The Dynon EFIS-D10A provides a solid-state solution for the ten most important instruments you need. It's self contained and easy to install. Considering the number of instruments it replaces, it's an economical package, that's for sure.
There is something about this unit that I don't like all that much: the graphical presentation of the measured data. In my opinion, it's a far cry from what is possible in this day and age. Shabby colors, no antia-aliassed graphical objects and that small screen surely looks overloaded with data. Fortunately, the somewhat larger D100 doesn't look so crowded, so perhaps that might be the way to go. Especially the HSI screen - which can be driven by an external GPS source - is something that I like.

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