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Engine Monitoring

Engine monitoring will be straightforward with the 6-in-1 indicator unit shown further down below.
Three of the six dials included provide information about cylinder head temperature (CHT), oil pressure and oil temperature.
Recently I also

aqcuired an RPM-indicator that originated from a TMG. I've not yet finalized my engine choice. Currently I'm leaning towards a VW-derived aero engine, most likely a brand new engine kit originating from Great Plains.
On the other hand, if I were to decide to go for a Jabiru 2200, there would be some mass left to install a constant speed prop as well. In that case, I'd also need a manifold pressure (MP) indicator.

Grob 11006 Indicator Unit

Grob 11006 unit from a decomissioned Grob-109b TMG

This is the unit I acquired on that Internet auctioning platform everybody knows. It's 27 cm (10.6") wide (including the mounting flanges) and 5 cm (1.97") high. The slot in the panel will be 24.5 x 3.6 cm (9.65 x 1.42"), with a mounting screw on both sides as shown on the picture above. It's a light unit, with a D-15 connector on the back side, providing dials for:

This unit was designed and built for Grob Aerospace by Neuberger Messinstrumente GmbH in Munich. As far as I could establish, this company doesn't exist anymore. Grob Aerospace were helpful in pointing out that Neutec Electronic GmbH - also in Munich - have taken over servicing this unit. It is through this company that I got most of the information that I'll need to put my unit back into service

Electical power monitoring

Monitoring the electrical power circuit will also be done with the above unit, with the two rightmost dials giving information about voltage and current.

Grob RPM indicator

Yet another instrument that I found on that internet auctioning platform I alluded at a few paragraphs ago...
If I go for a fixed pitch prop - very likely because of my current engine deliberations, see above - I have my engine monitoring instruments complete now.

RPM Indicator from a Grob motorglider

This unit was produced for Grob by Dan-Glide of Skive in Denmark. It has a color coded dial face that is suitable for VW derived aero engines.

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