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If you happen to run a website related to aviation yourself, feel free to include a link to my site. If you do, please link directly to the main page: To make things easier for you, I've prepared the following line of HTML, please use it to link to this website:

<a href="">RJ.03 IBIS "The French Canard" homebuilt aircraft project.</a><br>Building a wooden two-seater RJ.03 IBIS experimental airplane.<br>

Feel free to copy the above HTML snippet from this site and include it in your external links pages. Thanks!

Reciprocal links

I'll be happy to include reciprocal links on this site, as long as these links point to sites that are relevant in the context of Project::IBIS. Sites that concentrate on aviation topics would qualify for reciprocal links, others might as well. Contact me if you have any questions. Unless you're a webbot, you'll know where to send your enquiries :)

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