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This is the internet, you know...

There's more to the internet than just this site, that's why links to other relevant websites are collected here. If you think a relevant site is missing, please let me know!

Links to the outside world:

Other IBIS builders Currently, only a few IBIS builders document their projects on the web. Here you'll find links and a short description.

Aeronautical pubs These pages started out as a way to store web links that I like to visit for flight planning purposes. Through tips I received from other pilots, this repository grew to what it is right now...

Software Links to software that I like is presented here. The list shows applications for the design of airfoil sections, wing and aircraft configurations and software to be used during flight.

Associations A list with links to European homebuilder associations. Feel free to infom me about homebuilder associations I don't yet know of.

Communities Currently the only builder community I know of is hosted on Yahoo. If you want to get to know other builders, go to the IBIS Builders Group.

Other projects (non-IBIS)

Suppliers in good old Europe

Various tidbits Links to websites of other aircraft enthousiasts, links to freely downloadable aeronauticals software and a list of some of the aeronautical literature that I refer to regularly.


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