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Information that is relevant to this experimental aircraft project in some way or another but somehow doesn't fit in with the rest of the site structure will be consolidated unter 'Nice to know'.
Feel free to email me further suggestions about what I should include here as well.

Canards how-to Still confused about what makes canard aircraft tick? Read my ramblings about what I found out...

IBIS completions Not a large list by any measure, but with a few more completions slated for this year, this list is bound to grow.

Aeronautical Books A selection from my library of books that I like or find useful

Aeronautical Design Software Links to software that I like is presented here. The list shows applications for the design of airfoil sections, wing and aircraft configurations and software to be used during flight.

European events This page lists European homebuilder events. The list is updated continiously, so perhaps you might want to revisit it every now and then.


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