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IBIS RJ.03 Homebuilt Aircraft Project progress summary

This page contains a jump start to the most recent information about my IBIS RJ.03 airplane project.
Preparing for a proper project start was rather time consuming, as my daily work took me away from home for quite some time.
After our moving to northern Germany in 2005, I've renovated

the double garage and turned it into a workshop that can be heated. It's directly adjacent to our house, to I can jump in and work for half an hour or so whenever I feel like it. For now, I can only advise you to check the individual subsections yourself, as here and there I do add content (both text and pictures) at irregular intervals.

Project progress pages:

Project preparation Unfortunately, the renovation of our new home side-tracked me for a a year or so. Only in November 2006 I could turn my attention to turning our garage into a workshop...

Controls Elevator in front, flaperons on the rear main wing and rudders on the winglets. That'll do quite nicely!

Panel The plane will be based in Germany, where experimentals cannot operate under IFR rules. So it's not much use to go far beyond a basic VFR panel...

landing gear A wooden (ash) arch and a bucket full of hardware will set you up with the main gear. The front gear is a bit more involved though...

Canard wing Like the wing, the box spar and ribs are conventional. The massive foam filling and the vacuum bagged plywood skin is not.

Propulsion Yep, the engine is in the back, so this section isn't called 'firewall forward'. Now you know why ;)

Main wing The swept back rear main wing is of conventional construction, at least the box spar and the ribs are...

Fuselage A plywood covered wooden lattice structure, that's all there is to it. Well, sort of...


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