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IBIS RJ.03 canard experimental homebuilt airplane project

Welcome to my IBIS RJ.03 homebuilt canard airplane website, which documents my former experimental canard aircraft project.
After passing on my project, I decided to keep this RJ.03 IBIS ('The French canard') website online, as a service to the rather high number of visitors.

On this site you learn why I decided to build an IBIS RJ.03 at that time; what aircraft building materials are needed; about building methods, aircraft engine options and instruments, etc.
The paragraph below points you to those pages that were updated most recently:

Most current information:

Project Progress: Canard Wing - Landing Gear
Planning: VW Aero Engine Configuration
Tooling: Some of the tools
Workshop Added a recent workshop picture
Pictures: IBIS home territory
downloads: VOR / GS diplexer DIY design [504 KB]

IBIS canard project top level pages:

Progress This page contains a jump start to the most recent information about my IBIS airplane project. Still, I advise you to bookmark the main entry page or use the RSS feed to keep up to date.

Building material These pages document what material is needed to build an IBIS. Descriptions of woods, foam, metal and alloys, glues and resins, the whole sheebang.

IBIS, say what? Ornithologists call these colourful birds Plegadis Chihi, at least if it's the white faced variety. I simply call it a 'rather light single engine tandem two-seater tri-gear canard.

Aviation Picture Galleries Every now and them I publish an aviation related picture gallery on this page. It might or might not be about homebuilding an IBIS airplane.

Flying Adventures Every now and then a flight is memorable enough that I jot down a couple of lines about it. These notes may cover a nice approach, people I met or something that I learned, whatever.

Downloads This section provides access to non-copyrighted material, or to copyrighted documents or files, for which I got permission to publish them here.

Nice to know Information that is relevant to this experimental aircraft project in some way or another but somehow doesn't fit in with the rest of the site

Links There are many more aviation related resourcen than just this site, that's why links to other relevant websites are collected here. If you think a relevant aviation site is missing, please let me know!

IBIS canard familiarisation with Jean Claude

IBIS canard transition training flights with JC

During the 2007 RSA Fly-in (Vichy, LFLV) I had a great opportunity to get IBIS training on two different birds, on both occasions the mentoring was by co-designer Jean Claude Junqua himself.

Aviation news from around the world:....

No aviation news available at this moment.

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