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RJ.03 IBIS homebuilt aircraft videos

Video footage of RJ.03 IBIS homebuilt canard aircraft is hard to come by.
All the more reason to collect what few IBIS videos are available on a single page, for all of us to enjoy!
Please inform me about other IBIS videos that I could include here...

RJ.03 IBIS video footage from 2003

This video sequence shows Jean Claude Junqua and his RJ.03 IBIS (registered as F-PBIS) at LFLO (Roanne-Renaisson) in 2003. The first 20 seconds show some taxiing footage with a guest in the back seat.
The rest of the video shows Jean Claude Junqua soloing his ship (doing some taxiing and ensuing take-off). At that time his IBIS was still equipped with a Limbach aero engine.

Photo collage of my 2007 Vichy & Roanne visit

This shows a photo collage of my 2007 visit to Vichy & Roanne. The sequence shows various pictures of F-PBIS, F-PGLP and F-PBSM. Also some air-to-air pictures of F-PGLP are presented.

Animated 3D IBIS rendering

An animated 3D rendering of PH-ISI, the IBIS RJ.03 built by Dutchman Hans Holsink.

Remote controlled IBIS RJ.03 model aircraft

Someone even built a remote controlled IBIS RJ.03 model...