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Aviation themed picture galleries

On this page, I publish aviation picture galleries remotely related to my RJ.03 IBIS homebuilt airplane project.
It might or might not be about my actual homebuilt airplane project, but they will fit into the general aviation theme of this site.

IBIS home territory In case you wondered where IBIS originally is at home, please check out this photo page.

NVAV Experimental Aircraft Airshow in Drachten Finally I made it to the NVAV Homebuilt Aircraft Airshow in Drachten / The Netherlands (EHDR). The weather was fair, resulting in a nice number of experimental airplanes showing up for the occasion.

Introducing Rendsburg (EDXR) Rendsburg airfield (EDXR) has become my home base since I moved to the northern part of Germany in 2005.

Visiting H.Holsink Visiting fellow IBIS airplane builder Hans Holsink is always a very pleasant and interesting occasion, not just because the two of us happen to be ham radio operators as well. His homebuilt IBIS airplane project is far ahead of mine, so that I can learn a lot from it...

A short flight to EDLD EDLD (Dinslaken/Schwarze Heide) is just a short hop from EDLN (Mönchengladbach). It also is a lot smaller, but for GA pilots Dinslaken/Schwarzheide is much more interesting...

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