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Forget about EDLN

EDLD (Dinslaken/Schwarze Heide) is just a short hop from EDLN (Mönchengladbach). It also is a bit smaller, but for general aviation pilots much more interesting.
The company operating EDLN is owned by Düsseldorf Airport. Management has done its

upmost to ascertain that EDLN has become less than ideal for general aviation. Aircraft joining the northern traffic pattern flew over our roof top, so when I was still living in that area, EDLN was convenient only because of its close proximity. Other than that, well - just see the title of this paragraph...

Visiting Dinslaken (Schwarze Heide) airfield

Visiting Dinslaken (Schwarze Heide) airfield on the other hand is always a pleasure. This active airfield is entirely focussed on general aviation, the staff is friendly and most of the time, there's more to see than at EDLN, where management has done its share to shy private operators away...
These pictures below were taken sometime in July 2005.

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