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Visiting Hans Holsink

Visiting fellow IBIS airplane builder Hans Holsink is always a very pleasant and interesting occasion, not just because the two of us happen to be ham radio operators as well.
His IBIS project is far ahead of mine, so that I can learn a lot from his homebuilt aircraft project.

Latest news: Hans has his Limbach 2000 aircraft engine up and running! Hans Holsink is based in Hilversum / The Netherlands which is about 15 NM south-east of Amsterdam.

The very latest news: Hans Holsink has his IBIS flying. I had the pleasure to put his bird through its initial paces and provided feedback to him so that the last wrinkles could be ironed out. As of now all of that is done.

A few external fuselage views

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RJ.03 IBIS fuselage

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Cockpit impressions

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RJ.03 IBIS cockpit details

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Limbach 2000 engine, accesories & engine mount

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Engine mount with Limbach 2000

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