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Aeronautical Information Publications - AIP

Quite a few European aviation administrations have made their AIP (Aeronautical Information Publications) freely accessible from the internet.
Ohters - Germany is among them - still force pilots to purchase this information year afer year, although these publications were made possible by tax payers' money in the first place...

Germany indeed is an extremely remarkable case: the military AIP is published on the internet - accessible for all bar none, the civil AIP is not! Show me another country, where the military are more open than their civil counterparts.... ;o)

If you happened to land on this page directly, I invite you to discover other parts of this website as well. The best course of action would be to check out this IBIS homebuilt project page.

AIP's (Aeronautical Information Publication)

Country Information & link
Austria AIP Austro Control Austrian AIP
Belgium AIP BelgoControl
Croatia AIP Croatia Control AIS Products
Czechoslowakia AIP Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic
Denmark AIP The Danish Civil Aviation Authority - offers PDF-files from the Danish AIP as well as more general information about flying in Denmark.
Estonia AIP Estonian Aeronautical Information Publication
Faroe Islands AIP Faroe Islands AIP, published by the Danish authorities.
Finland AIP AIP Finland - AIP Suomi
France AIP Service de l'Information Aeronautique
Germany AIP Military AIP Germany - maps & charts
Germany - Bundeswehr Air Traffic Services Information about military IFR procedures and publications, pertaining to the German, Benelux and Norwegian territories.
Greenland AIP Greenland AIP, published by the Danish authorities.
Hungary AIP HungaroControl - the Hungarian Air Navigation Services Pte. Ltd. Co.
Hungary Hungarian airports - maps, charts and pictures
Italy AIP Societa Nazionale per l'assistenza al Volo
Italy Additional information about small Italian airfields
Ireland AIP AIP Ireland is available on the European AIS Database (EAD) website.
Latvia AIP Latvian AIP
Lithuania AIP Lithuanian AIP
Norway AIP Norwegian AIP
The Netherlands AIP - Dutch AIP AIS publications and online flight plan filing
Poland AIP Polish AIP
Portugal AIP Portugese AIP
Slovenia AIP Slovenian AIP
Sweden AIP Swedish AIP
United Kingdom Free AIP information as well as other self-briefing information. Registration required.
International: OpenAIP openAIP is a web-based crowd-sourced aeronautical information platform that allows users to add, edit and download aeronautical data in many common formats used in general aviation.

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