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Quite likely, more than 250 RJ.03 IBIS licenses were sold, presumably most of them were sold to French customers.
It's rather astonishing that so few IBIS builders document their effors on the internet.
Apart from Jean Claude's site where he markets his

IBIS plans, I know of only a few other IBIS logs on the internet. I invite you to check out these sites if you want to learn more about building an RJ.03 IBIS. Please drop me a message if you happen to know other RJ.03 IBIS websites. I'd like to include them in the list below and get some sort of IBIS web community rolling.

France Former airline pilot Jean-Claude Junqua, son of IBIS designer Roger Junqua, markets the IBIS plans.
The Netherlands Hans Holsink - English language website. Hans put a lot of useful information on his site. Reccomended!
U.S.A. Gerald W. Gay is building an IBIS in the United States of America.
Germany Hans v.d. Linden is building his IBIS near Cologne in Germany.
France A picture gallery showing the IBIS that Lionel Clemence is building

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