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Of course, I thouroughly enjoy every flight I make. Every now and then a flight is memorable enough that I jot down a few lines about it. Sometimes it's just about a nice approach, an interesting cloud formation I observed, funny stuff about communicating with ATC, something new that I learned, whatever.
A few of these notes end up in articles that I publish on these pages...

Winding down the year 2007 comes to an end and on December 29th, I took advantage of a last spell of fair weather to make this year's last few flights.

FlyBlog-5 Fly-in... A new attempt at getting a FlyBlog meeting happening on JUIST Island, after the last one got frustrated by a patch of dense fog.

FlyBlog-4 Fly-in... A couple of times a year, a group of flying internet bloggers meet face to face. This time was the first time I could actually attend this fly-in, which was scheduled to take place at JUIST, one of the many isles that are spread along the coast of The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark...

Attending the 2007 RSA Fly-in at Vichy Each year, the French RSA organises a fly-in for experimental aircraft afficionados. This year was the second time that this event was held at Vichy Airport (LFLV). As attendees fly in from all over gool old Europe, it has grown far beyond being just a French affair.

Back to Rendsburg A Dutch language article I wrote for 'Profiel', the Dutch homebuilders association's bi-monthly magazine. This article was published in the September 2006 issue.

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