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One more Dutch flying internet bloggers meeting at JUIST (EDWJ)

A couple of weeks ago an attempted FlyBlog-4 meeting on Juist got flushed down the drain by a persistent patch of dense fog in the northern part of the Netherlands, causing those members who are based there to cancel the event.
Today is November 4th 2007 and a new attempt is made to get the entire gang together on EDWJ.
Last night I phoned with my

FlyBlog-5: all accounted for...

brother Marcel and both of us agreed that this time around the weather shouldn't hold anyone off... This fly-in is the first time that I meet the other members face to face. You can imagine that I was thrilled that this time the weather didn't object to our meeting.
Martijn Moret flew in from Rotterdam (EHRD) with Wim as his pax. Frank van Riel flew in from Lelystad (EHLE) with Rob Baggerman and Pascal de Munnik on board. Guus Poorte was accompanied by my brother Marcel.

Guus and Marcel taxiing to their parking spot

Shortly after I touched down, Guus and Marcel landed as well. I had barely enough time to shoot this picture.

Flyblog-5 line up

So indeed, we did get a FlyBlog line-up together. The P28R was not flown in by a FlyBlog member.

Marcel checking out available dishes

Checking out the local restaurants' offerings can be fun, or so it seems...


This smile shows that Martijn got to enjoy his 'Kartoffelsalat' and then some...

Pascal de Munnik

Pascal got his PPL in December last year. Congratulations, Pascal!

Navy-style turn to final

This Britten Norman BN-2 is one of a couple operated by FLN between Norddeich and Juist. To reduce flying time, they don't fly the published northern traffic pattern but instead use the southern traffic pattern that normally is used by TMG's.

Commercial operator

This is one operator I wouldn't want to purchase a used engine from...:) Wanna know why? For the hours flown, these planes (and engines) get cycled a lot! This outfit offers one of the shortest commuter lines in existence. The flights between EDWJ and the mainland take only a few minutes. We've seen it all afternoon: after touchdown, one of the engines is shutdown immediately and rather briskly at that. After a high speed taxi, the remaining engine is shut down similarly, long before the parking spot is reached. I know: it's a commercial operator and as such they want to limit engine hours as much as possible. Shutting down engines that briskly can't be all that good though...

Update - EDWJ flooded five days later

EDWJ is located on a flat piece of land outside the dikes that protect the southern part of Juist Island. Five days after our visiting EDWJ, the first serious storm during the autumn 2007 flooded the entire airstrip. Luckily there was ample warning, so that all aircraft and other equipment could be moved inside the dikes before the high tide and storm struck the airport.

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