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Experimental Homebuilt Aircraft Airshow in EHDR

Finally I made it to the NVAV homebuilt Aircraft Airshow in Drachten / The Netherlands (EHDR).
The weather was fair, resulting in a nice number of experimental airplanes that showed up for the occasion.

Quite a few aircraft types could be spotted, kitplanes outnumbered plans built aircraft by a large margin. Ultravia Pelican PL kitplanes probably constituted the largest representation. Other experimental airplanes spotted were:

No doubt I missed a number of types, since my main focus was less on ultralight aircraft...
Since the Mignet HM-293 Flying Flea was built from scratch, I feel it best epitomizes what homebuilding experimental aircraft is all about. For that reason, I start off with a series of pictures about the Mignet HM-293:

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Mignet's HM-293 Flying Flea

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Various other experimental aircraft

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