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An Instrument panel for my IBIS homebuilt aircraft

After certification, the plane will be based in Germany, where experimental aircraft aren't allowed to fly according to IFR rules.
According to current ruling the future Dutch registration will also make night VFR impossible, so one might argue that it's not much use to go far beyond a basic VFR panel.

However, since I want a configuration for long distance navigation flights and because future ruling pertaining to N-VFR might change, I might end up with avionics for that mission. Since it's still very early in the project, there's no telling what the panel will look like further down the line. However, my decisions will likely be guided by some of the following thoughts/opinions/prejudices:

Do away with mechanical systems where possible

Some conventional backup instruments - fore & aft

Incidently, did I mention that panel space is at a premium, being somewhat similar to a sailplane's panel? A picture of a fellow builders' panel will show you that space for mounting instruments is somewhat limited.

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