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RJ.03 IBIS fuselage

IBIS fuselage construction

The airplane's fuselage is a wooden lattice truss structure covered with thin Birch plywood.
The bottom actually is a rigid sandwich structure, as there is a sheet of plywood on the inside as well as on the outside.
The space in between

is filled with high density Styrodur foam. The firewall is constructed similarly: a laminated ring frame, some internal bracing and filler blocks where the engine mount is positioned. The empty space between the bracing is filled with high density foam. Fore and aft, the firewall is covered with Birch plywood.
The engine side of the firewall is going to be covered with 0.4 mm (1/64") stainless steel (304) sheeting. Between the stainless sheeting and the wood, I'm going to put in a layer of Fiberfrax, a ceramic fiber cloth that provides additional thermal insulation for that occasion that something is burning that shouldn't...

Current state of the fuselage

RJ.03 Ibis fuselage

At this stage, about 50% of the woodwork is done, which means that the overall fuselage completion is likely less than 35%

My RJ.03 IBIS fuselage only has the inner bottom plywood covering and the front top deck covering (appr. from the future instrument panel location to where the nose cone is going to be).

The firewall is going to get additional bracing to cope with the engine thrust- and torsional forces. The metal tube bracing is going to be tied in with the structure that mounts the main wing spar.

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