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RJ.03 IBIS known completions

According to Jean Claude's website, some 42 projects are confirmed to be under construction. Those are the ones that report back to JC.
The table below lists completed RJ.03 IBIS aircraft that I know of.
Each of these homebuilt airplanes were built, registered, inspected and test-flown or about to make

their first flight. If you know of another completed RJ.03 IBIS that has made its maiden flight, please let me know so that I can add this information.

Reg First Flight Owner Engine Performance
F-PJQA 1987 Roger Junqua VW Unknown. This bird is the RJ.02 Volucelle, proof-of-concept predecessor to RJ.03 IBIS.
F-PZGY 1991 Geraud Lafage & Philippe Rose Limbach 2000cc Vcr = 116 kts @ 65%
F-PBSM 1995 Stéphane Malandain & Frédéric Barbeau VW 1870cc (?) Vr = 108 kts @ 65%
F-PMIL 1999 Pierre Millot VW 1835cc Vcr = 108 kts @ 65%. Plane damaged in a cross-wind landing accident on a delivery trip by the new owner (Libourne/France on November 27, 2002.) See this site. Since then main gear was repaired, current status unknown.
N4094Y 2000 Dermot Doyle VW 1915cc unknown
F-PBIS 2002 Jean Claude Junqua Jabiru 2200 with Bing Type94/40 carb (currently being retrofitted with a VW-derived engine - more data to follow) Vcr = 118 kts @ 65%
F-PGLP June 2006 Henri Galipot VW 1835cc with Weber 40-DCOE carb Vcr = 114 kts @ 65%
S5-MMA February 2008 Janez Pintar Jabiru 2200 with Bing Type94/40 carb unknown
F-PXPY July 2008 Michel Dupuy Jabiru 2200 with Bing Type94/40 carb  
PH-ISI September 2010 Hans Holsink Limbach 2000 with Zenith 150 CD-3 carb  
LV-X346   Carlos Bustos VW 1835cc  
F-PMOF 2011 Olivier Fromentin VW 1776cc with Solex 32 carb 48 liter fuel tanks, not 60 liters as per plans. Fuel usage 13 liters/hour @ 100kts

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