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Aeronautical Books, my favourites

The tables below list part of my aeronautical library. It's by no means complete, but shows those aviation book titles that bear some relevance to my IBIS homebuilt project or to experimental aviation or operating aircraft in general.

Aircraft Design - conceptual, aerodynamic

Title Author(s) ISBN
General Aviation Aircraft Design (On the top of this list for a reason: if you're only going to buy just one from this list, this is the one to pick...) Snorri Gudmundsson 9780123973085
Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach Daniel P. Raymer 1-56347-281-3
Synthesis of Subsonic Airplane Design (a good reference that unfortunately is severly lacking in typography, layout and quality of illustrations) Egbert Torenbeek 90-247-2724-3
Fluid-Dynamic Lift S.F. Hoerner  
Fluid-Dynamic Drag S.F. Hoerner  
Theory of Flight Richard von Mises 978-0-486-60541-8
The Anatomy of the Airplane - 2nd ed. Darrol Stinton 1-56347-286-4
The Design of the Aeroplane Darrol Stinton 0-246-11328-6
Theory of Wing Sections (what can I say, an all-time classic) Abbot & Von Doenhoff  
GA Airfoils (use only the hard solid data from this book and ignore the author's diatribe against other airfois section sources...) Harry Riblett  
Fundamentals of Hydro- and Aeromechanics Prandtl and Tietjens 0-486-60374-1
Low Power Laminar Aircraft Design, 2nd Ed. - 2nd printing 1984 Alex Strojnik  
Low Power Laminar Aircraft Technologies, 1984 Alex Strojnik  
Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction, 2nd Ed. 1996 Bruce Carmichael  
Ultralight and Light Self Launching Sailplanes Bruce Carmichael  
The Glider (L'Aliante) Dott. Ing. STELIO FRATI  
La Construction des Planeurs - manuel du vol sans moteur J.M. Cabanes  
Les Secrets de la construction des aéronefs légers (also highly recommended, but you need to be able to read French, naturellement...) Henri Fékété 978-2-7483-5912-1
L'origine des Trainées Parasites (1989/03) (also recommended, written in French as well) Association INTER-ACTION  
Grundlagen für den Entwurf von Segelflugzeugen Fred Thomas 3-87943-682-7

Structural Aircraft Design

Title Author(s) ISBN
Analysis & Design of Flight Vehicle Structures E.F. Bruhn  
Aircraft Structures David J. Peery 978-0-486-48580-5
Practical Stress Analysis for Design Engineers Jean-Claude Flabel 0-9647014-0-5
Stress Without Tears Tom Rhodes  
ANC-18, "Design of Wood Aircraft Structures" [out of print] Munitions Board - Aircraft Committee, DoD  
Understanding Aircraft Composite Construction Zeke Smith 0-9642828-1-X

Building your Bird

Title Author(s) ISBN
Aircraft Sheet Metal JEPPESEN - Sanderson Training Products 0-89100-296-0
Sheet Metal Building Basics Jack Dueck / EAA  
Custom Aircraft Building with Sheet Metal - Volumes 1 & 2 EAA Air Museum Foundation, Inc.  
EAA Aircraft building techniques - WOOD EAA, Oshkosh, WI  
How to Paint your Aircraft Ron Alexander / EAA  
Firewall Forward Tony Bingelis 0-940000-93-8
Tony Bingelis on Engines Tony Bingelis 0-940000-54-7

Flying / operating the beast !

Title Author(s) ISBN
Flight Testing Homebuilt Aircraft Vaughan Askue 978-1-56027-628-9
Winning on the Wind George Moffat  
The compleat taildragger pilot Harvey S. Plourde 0-9639137-0-0
Inleiding tot de Meteorologie [out of print] F.H. Schmidt  
Theorie voor Privévliegers (a nice Dutch compilation that severly lacks an index to all themes covered. Because of this not very accessible as a reference) B. Mosbach 90-801017-4-5
Be a better pilot Alan Bramson 0-6680490-14
Flying the Weather Map - 2nd Ed. Richard L. Collins 1-56027-319-4
Sunset to Sunrise - night flight techniques David Robson 1-56027-542-1
Never get lost - interpretation of radionavigation (if you can read Germany, you better purchase the original, as this translation - and especially the cramped page layout leaves a lot to be desired) Wilhelm Thaller 3-00-008643-9
Voler en France (Sprechfunk im Sichtflug) (French VHF procedures for VFR-flights) Rainer M. Meth  
The Best of AMJ Maintainance Tips JEPPESEN 0-89100-341-X

Methods, Theory & Tidbits...

Computational Fluid Dynamics - the basics with applications John D. Anderson, Jr. 0-07-001685-2
Efficient Solvers for Incompressible Flow Problems Stefan Turek 3-540-65433-X
Schwanzlose Flugzeuge (if you happen to own the English translation, please note that quite a few errors were corrected later on. There is a revision sheet somewhere on the internet...) Karl Nickel & Michael Wohlfahrt 3-7643-2502-X
Nurflügel Reimar Horten & Peter F. Selinger 3-900310-09-2
Flying Wings Rudolf Storck 3-7637-6242-6
Henri Mignet and his Flying Fleas Ken Ellis & Geoff Jones 0-85429-765-0
Speed with Economy Kent Paser  
Technologie des Flugzeuges Publisher Klaus Engmann - et al 3-8343-3074-1
P51 Mustang (as the P51-D is my all-time favourite, I had to include some P51 titles as well, sorry...) Robert Grinsell, Crown Publishers Inc. 0-7106-0033-X
P-51 Mustang Action! FLIGHT JOURNAL Special Issue (Summer 2002)  
P-51D Mustatang Aircraft Monograph No. 3 by Aerodata International  

Downloads from

Document title and description
Pop-Riveting an aluminum Fuel Tank [34 KB] - a very enlightening piece of writing by the legendary R.S. Hoover. Low-cost home-made aluminum fuel tanks are feasible...
VW-Reality Check [43 KB] - another piece by R.S. Hoover that educates about the bounds and limits of using a converted VW boxer engine.
Propeller Dirve Systems and Torsional Vibration [605 KB] - a very interesting write-up by Donald P. Hessenaur. Good to be aware of the issues and their causes.
Want to build your own very low cost VOR/Localizer and GS-Diplexer [504 KB] ? This is a design by yours truly...
Jean Claude Junqua wrote three articles that document his many problems with the Jabiru engine he had previously installed in his IBIS. If you can read French, you might want to download "Mon Cher Jabiru 1 [1.250 KB] ", "Mon Cher Jabiru 2 [2.113 KB] " and "Mon Cher Jabiru 3 [778 KB] ". Btw., Jean Claude has converted his IBIS back to a VW-based engine, a development program in its own right as this time he went for double electronic ignition as well as fuel injection.

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