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Meet the builder

Hi, my name is Hans Zwakenberg. Born in 1960, I started flying sailplanes at an age of 15. In the mid-eighties I quit, because other interests took over, most notably among them offshore sailing. Some time in 2001, an acquaintance of mine offered me a ride in a Diamond Katana. This two-hours trip proved to be the proverbial $ 10.000 ride, as there and then I

knew I just had to get back into aviation, and fast at that, no matter what!
"You can check out any time like, but you can never leave...." (The Eagles - Hotel California).

Hans Zwakenberg

- photo by Riet Addink

Once you have been bitten by the aviation bug, it remains that intoxicating, even after many many years. On October 16, 2002 I signed a contract for ground school. I forced myself to pass the theory test first and only then start with actual flying lessons - which happened to be in April 2003.
In Autumn 2003 my PPL checkride was my 35th hour logged. Germany was a bit slow in adopting JAR/FCL, so initially I had been issued a standard ICAO PPL.
In 2004, I took an additional 10 hours of training (called C-VFR in Germany) to qualify for a PPL conforming to JAA rules.
March/April 2005 saw me take yet some more training, this time to obtain my Night-VFR (NQ) qualifcation (N-VFR is allowed in Germany).
Being a Dutchman, I applied for a Dutch JAA PPL to replace my German PPL, the former of which was issued without further ado in November 2008, albeit at their VERY HEFTY 'initial license issuance costs' of then € 487.00 !!

Preflight inspection of D-EMHW - this is a nice PA28 that I used to rent when I was still living in the Mönchengladbach area. This picture was taken in October 2004 in Magdeburg / Germany (EDBM), when I was preparing for the return flight to Mönchengladbach / Germany (EDLN).


If you feel compelled to drop me a note, please address it as follows:

  < a t >      
      [ d o t ]  

You probably know the drill: replace the ' [at] ' with '@', and ' [dot] ' with '.'

My QTH is 54°19,36' N / 009°40,90'E. A request to those that visit me by air: since I'd prefer you to not drop your planes onto my roof, instead of using these coordinates, please consider using EDXR, EDXC or EDHK as alternate destinations... ;o)

Pardon the plug ... ;)

I make ends meet with assisting companies/enterprises that need to streamline their computer and network operations. To this end I founded Ocean Consulting GmbH.

Since 1999 Ocean Consulting GmbH built a track record for offering professional services for large scale ICT infrastructure projects. We do conceptual design and project management work for Server- or Datacenter environments. In addition to this, we design and/or manage large scale ICT deployement scenarios.

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