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Storage in my Workshop

Storage of aviation grade plywood and timber

Storing aviation grade plywood and aviation grade timber is a critical issue. This aircraft building material is getting more expensive by the day, so thinking about how you're going to handle it pays

dividends. The pictures and paragraphs below show how I organised the storage of the wood material for my IBIS homebuilt airplane.

Plywood "Organizer"

Plywood "Organizer" in action

As I was renovating the workshop, it occured me that I really hated to shuffle those thin sheets of plywood back and forth all the time. A solution was needed, and this is what I threw together.
One side can be tilted to get access to individual plywood sheets stored in my 'plywood organizer'. It accommodates sheets of up to 1.55x1.55m (appr. 5'x5').
The picture on the right shows my organizer loaded with all the plywood that I'll need to finish my RJ.03 IBIS homebuilt canard aircraft. Please click on this picture if you'd like to see it in a larger format.
As this assembly has swivel wheels, I can still shuffle around my plywood, but this time I can relocate them in one go and the plywood is well protected to boot.

Storing the wood

Wood storage in action

From some left over particle board, I routed the double stocked storage patterns you see on the picture above. I added some rectangle timber for reinforcement and to be able to mount it to the wall. If you click on right side picture, you'll see how I mounted these patterns to the wall and how they are used for storing long timber (aviation grade on the lower storage, normal timber on the upper storage).

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