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Hand-propping a VW aircraft engine

By configuring an aircraft engine for hand-propping, lots of stuff can be left off, leaving you with a much lighter engine that costs less.
Then there is maintainance to consider as well: what you leave off doesn't need any...
Initially, I was very reluctant to even contemplate going this route. By now I have come to terms with this option and even started to like the idea, especially so after learning a couple of facts:

Weight saving opportunities

Going for hand-propping gives a lot of opportunities for saving weight. The following list gives some ideas:

Ok, the above describes some of the weight savings I'd end up by going for hand propping and installing an electronic ignition. Totalling these weight savings made me realise that perhaps it could be feasible to install an alternator on both sides of the engine. How's that for some added redundancy?

There's one open decision that might still see me install a starter system though: if I were to decide to drop the carb and go for electronic fuel injection, then I'd need the starter after all. Still, very likely I'm goig to stick with my carb, as fuel injection is so much more expensive and perhaps would put too much experimentation in my experimental.
Having said that, I haven't made up my mind on this one just yet - especially after learning that Jean Claude contemplates using fuel injection on his IBIS as well. I'll keep you posted

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