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RJ.03 IBIS model for X-Plane

Currently I'm also developing a RJ.03 IBIS definition file for the X-Plane Flight Simulator. The goal of this simulation model will be to provide me with some early hints about the handling qualities of IBIS. Of course, simulators have their limitations and X-Plane is no exception. More

specifically, X-Plane is useful for those speeds where linear aerodynamics apply. Very low speeds, especially stalls and spins are not simulated with any accuracy. I have no dead-line set for the X-Plane model file. It will be ready when it's ready and when it's ready, it will be published here. In the meantime, if you want to find out more about X-Plane, check out the website of Laminar Research.

IBIS X-Plane project mentioned in magazine

The August 2005 issue of Aerokurier, a German aviation monthly, carried an article about the X-Plane 8 simulator.
The author (Mr. Sergio di Fusco) was kind enough to reference my IBIS X-Plane project. A big "thank you!" to Mr. Gerhard Marzinzik, Aerokurier chief editor, who gave me the thumbs up to include a downloadable copy of the article [1.673 KB] on this site.

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