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Aircraft building material

SP Systems' SP-106 spec sheet [73 KB] informs you about the epoxy resin I am using to build my RJ.03 IBIS
Styrodur 3035cs foam spec sheet [95 KB] . Everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the foam that goes into an IBIS.

Engines, propellers and other propulsion themes

R.S. Hoover - known on rec.aviotion.homebuilt as 'Veeduber' - shares his insights about converting VW engines for aviation use in his "VW Reality Check [43 KB] ".
The aftermath of a Quickie Q-2 crash caused the FAA to issue this SAIB (Special Airworthiness Information bulletin) about VW cylinder head fastener torque [92 KB] .
For those of you thinking about installing something other than a direct drive prop/engine-system on a pusher aircraft, please download, read and study "Propeller Drive Systems and Torsional Vibration [605 KB] ", written by Donald P. Hessenaur. I found this article somewhere on the internet. Since there was no distribution restriction attached, I redistribute it on this site, because Donald conveys important lessons he learned while working as an engineer for companies like Avian, Bede and RoterWay.
Carb Icing Chart courtesy of the British CAA. A very easy to read chart that tells you why a carb heater and a carb temperature gauge might not be superflous after all.
Jean Claude Junqua wrote three articles that document his many problems with the Jabiru engine he had previously installed in his IBIS. If you can read French, you might want to download "Mon Cher Jabiru 1 [1.250 KB] ", "Mon Cher Jabiru 2 [2.113 KB] " and "Mon Cher Jabiru 3 [778 KB] ". Btw., Jean Claude has converted his IBIS back to a VW-based engine, a development program in its own right as this time he went for double electronic ignition as well as fuel injection.

Instruments, Avionics, etc.

So you have a VOR and GS receiver, but you don't want to install two antennae? Then you need an 'antenna splitter' device, in this case called a 'diplexer' which cost from €80 to € 200 OTC. That's waaaaay too much for just a handfull of passive components, so I designed my own VOR/GS Diplexer [504 KB] .
Print your own Airpath C-2400 compass deviation chart [37 KB] . When printing this page, turn off the automatic page scaling function of your printer driver.

Operations, Flight Reports and various sundry

An article on the RJ.03 IBIS [2.445 KB] , published in the mid-seventies in 'Vol Moteur', a French aviation magazine. And yes: it's in French ;)
FAA Advisory Circular 90-89A [797 KB] - "Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook" - Chapter 7 contains additional notes about canard aircraft flight testing.

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